Forskolin Weight Loss Products - Do They Work?

You might have read up on the health benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) or Exogenous Ketones in your search for the optimal weight loss product. But, have you come across Forskolin yet?

In essence, Forskolin is a natural health supplement that researchers suggest supports weight loss. Although it has only been sold to the public as a supplement recently, the plant-derived compound has seen Ayurvedic use for thousands of years. This may contribute to its increasing appeal for many health-conscious consumers today.

So, if you've been hoping to shed a few pounds and achieve the ultimate summer body then Forskolin weight loss might be right for you. But don't just take the hypes word for it. Continue reading this article to find out exactly how these supplements work and whether they can deliver on manufacturer claims.

What Is Forskolin?

Forskolin is an active, organic compound derived from the Indian coleus (Coleus forskohlii), or Plectranthus barbatus, plant. The plant, which is a member of the mint family, is traditionally grown in Thailand, Nepal and India.

The plant has been used as a natural remedy for various conditions and ailments for thousands of years. The majority of health-conscious consumers are looking for alternative forms of medication which do not pose as many concerns as their synthetic counterparts. This factor is one of the primary reasons why Forskolin products are becoming so popular today.

Forskolin contains functional elements which interact with the body on a cellular level. These functional elements, namely a tetrahydropyran-derived heterocyclic ring, are said to raise levels of the cyclic AMP (cAMP) in the body. This is important because cAMP activates certain proteins, optimizes the function of cells to hormones and maintains energy balance. Consequently, it can positively impact the body.

But, what does this mean for weight loss? How do Forskolin weight loss products actually benefit the body? We will now look at how consuming these supplements may help you shed excess fat.

Bottom Line:
Forskolin supplements contain compounds which stimulate important bodily functions. As a result, they may support optimal health and encourage weight loss. Their popularity can be traced back to the fact that they have been used ayurvedically for thousands of years. This may serve as a testament to their quality.

Forskolin For Weight Loss

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The number of obese people in the US continues to rise. As a result, supplement manufacturers are booming with sales. Many of these companies make strong statements about how consuming their products can promote weight loss. Advertisers bombard the public with claims and, more often than not, the ill-informed consumer will believe just about anything they say. That is why it is extremely important to understand how each product is working to benefit the body. And, whether it can actually promote weight loss. Therefore, you can make wiser purchases regarding health supplements. In the case of Forskolin for weight loss, fairly recent studies lean in favor of this traditionally-inspired supplement.

Before we look at these studies in more detail, let us discuss the theoretical ways in which forskolin encourages weight loss. Firstly, the common link is the fact that it helps the body create lipase and adenosine. Lipase and adenosine are enzymes which release important fatty acids from cells in the body. Subsequently, the body burns these fatty acids as fuel instead of glucose. This process is known as lipolysis. This will likely reduce fat without hindering lean muscle mass. Therefore, it may prove an optimal product for exercise.

However, a calorie deficit is essential for weight loss. In short, an individual should burn more calories than consumed for effective weight loss to take place. In saying so, Forskolin weight loss may not take place without the support of a healthy, nutritious diet.

Bottom Line:
The ways in which the consumption of Forskolin impacts the body may encourage weight loss. However, a nutritious diet without excessive consumption of calories is essential for optimizing the likeliness of these advantages. This is because Forskolin only encourages weight reducing bodily processes which work alongside a healthy lifestyle.

What Do Studies Say About Forskolin Weight Loss?

In this article, we have mentioned that consuming Forskolin impacts the body's levels of cAMP. But, what does this mean for the user? Beyond its regulation of lipolysis, cAMP signaling can influence the rate at which the body stores fat. This claim is based on studies conducted on mice. As a result, the evidence is not conclusive. However, it does give us an idea of the potential of Forskolin for weight loss.

Other clinical studies support these notions. For example, a clinical trial highlighted the role that Forskolin played in reducing weight-gain from metabolic issues. Furthermore, the use of it improved insulin resistance.

Another study on its impact on body fat revealed that its consumption leads to increased testosterone levels. Testosterone further encourages the freeing of fats from the cells. Thus, it supports the burning of fat for fuel. Furthermore, it encourages the development of lean muscle mass.

While this research showcases the positives, we cannot ignore the downsides. For example, the role that cAMP plays may decrease leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone that suppresses appetite. By decreasing its bioavailability, weight gain may be encouraged. Having said that, the negatives do not outweigh the potential advantages of consuming Forskolin for weight loss.

Bottom Line:
While scientific evidence is not conclusive, there is an abundance of research highlighting the weight-reducing potential of Forskolin. The potential advantages are appealing, however, it is important to note that a healthy lifestyle should accompany consumption for optimal benefit.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Forskolin Weight Loss?

Supplements are not completely risk-free. That is why you should always consult your health practitioner prior to purchasing a supplement. This will help you avoid products that contain toxic chemicals or ones that may react with specific medication.

Forskolin is a naturally-derived substance that many researchers claim to be safe for use. However, Forskolin reviews suggest that there may be discomforting side effects. Some major health websites support the fact that consuming Forskolin may cause adverse reactions. We will discuss a few of the negative effects that you should be aware of below:

1. Decreased Blood Pressure

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A leading health website, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, suggests that consuming Forskolin supplements may lead to lower blood pressure. This can result in a condition known as hypotension. Minor hypotension can lead to dizziness, nausea, and/or fatigue. More severe hypotension may result in cardiovascular issues.

2. Increased Heart Rate

Tachycardia is a condition whereby an individual's heart rate is raised. In minor circumstances, this can lead to lightheadedness and/or chest pain. In more severe cases, individuals can suffer from heart failure and/or blood clotting. These warnings come from the reliable source of medical information, Web MD.

3. Elevated Stomach Acid Levels

Another concern which Forskolin reviews highlight is its ability to induce nausea, heartburn, and indigestion. This may be linked to the fact that it can raise the levels of acid in your stomach. Therefore, it would not be wise to consume Forksolin supplements if you have a stomach ulcer and/or preexisting gastro-intestinal issues.

4. Counterproductive Interactions With Medication

As with most supplementation, it would be ideal to consult a health practitioner prior to use if you are taking additional medication. Because Forskolin may thin the blood, consuming it alongside prescription blood-thinners can cause complications. Furthermore, combining it with antihypertensives may result in significantly lower blood pressure.

Bottom Line:
Like most supplements, Forskolin products can cause negative side effects. However, the cons do not seem to outweigh the pros as individuals can easily avoid them. Furthermore, purchasing a quality Forskolin supplement will minimize the risks above. For example, shark tank forskolin pills are supported by positive Forskolin reviews on Amazon.

Does Forskolin Offer Additional Health Benefits?

While weight loss is one of the prominent reasons consumers search the supplement aisles for Forskolin, the consumption of it may offer additional health benefits. There is a vast range of studies that suggest the benefits we outline below:

1. Treating Diabetes

As we have already discussed, Forskolin improves insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. As a result, maintaining proper insulin levels is essential for preventing blood sugar imbalances which lead to type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it suppresses inflammation which can worsen the condition and increase blood sugar.

2. Supporting the Immune System

The increase of cAMP levels in the body may reduce inflammation which can be caused by RAGE protein. This, in turn, prevents the development of immune issues from inflammation. Forskolin may also increase the immune cell production of beneficial substances. However, there is evidence that it can inhibit the activity of other essential proteins. In saying so, it offers a dual-effect.

3. Fighting Cancer Cells

Forskolin activates protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A). The development of this protein combats the growth of cancer cells. It can also increase the effectiveness of certain cancer-fighting medications. Furthermore, this compound may fight prostate cancer. Forskolin also blocks the production of harmful proteins, such as Hedgehog protein, which could induce cancer and tumors.

4. Promoting Heart Health

Man Holding Heart Figure

Forskolin inhibits Ca2+ from moving into the muscle cells. As a result, it limits the body's contraction of heart and blood vessels. Studies on rats suggest that NKH477, a derivative of Forskolin, can repair the damage done to the heart. While studies do not provide evidence for humans, they bode well for the efficacy of supplementation. Especially, if an individual uses it alongside a healthy lifestyle.

These are just a few of the ways in which you may benefit from it beyond Forskolin for weight loss. While evidence is not entirely conclusive, there are enough studies and Forskolin reviews to support these advantages.

Bottom Line:
Consuming Forskolin supplements may reduce the risk of diabetes, support a healthy immune system, eliminate harmful cancer cells, support cardiovascular health and relax the muscles.

Are Forskolin Weight Loss Products Right for You?

When reviewing the clinical studies and Forskolin reviews, it becomes clear that the supplement itself doesn't cause weight loss. Rather, weight loss is supported by the use of it in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, other bodily functions may work more effectively when helped by the consumption of it.

For the most part, consumers should be wary of relying on supplements for weight loss. This is because most weight loss supplements are supported by false claims. In the case of Forskolin weight loss, there is enough evidence to suggest its value. The important thing to bear in mind that benefits cannot be achieved without regular exercise and a low-calorie diet.

What is beneficial to note is that the use of Forskolin doesn't pose major health risks. There are many more severe supplements on the market. Therefore, the natural supplement may prove the most effective for a health-conscious consumer. Furthermore, any adverse side effects can be avoided easily.

If you are searching for a sustainable, well-researched, and natural product then Forskolin may be right for you.

Bottom Line:
While it cannot be used as a total care solution to weight loss, Forskolin offers a number of weight loss promoting benefits that may be ideal for the health conscious consumer. Combining its use with a balanced lifestyle may allow individuals to achieve their weight goals more efficiently.

In Conclusion

Forskolin reviews and clinical studies suggest that it may serve as an optimal weight loss supporting supplement. It will, by no means, cause you to drop a few pounds in a week. But, it should help deliver results more efficiently. Purchasing a quality Forskolin product that does not contain fillers, preservatives and/or binders is the key to ensuring that you receive the most bang for your buck. Combining supplementation with a healthy lifestyle will allow you to shed pounds quicker. While there are some negative side effects, you can avoid these by following proper precautionary measures. Don't completely rely on any Forskolin product but consider adding one to your dietary plan.

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