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Our Swanson Vitamins Brand Review

When it comes to our health, we are bombarded daily with the latest diet, lifestyle trends, and food choices. Everywhere we turn there is some ‘one’ telling us some ‘thing’ about what to eat or do (or not do, as the case may be). We have at our fingertips a vast panoply of information and advice. The questions are endless - What foods do celebrities eat to stay thin? Which foods are classed as the new superfoods? Can a glass of red wine truly help promote a healthy heart? Is pole dancing really the best cardio workout? Are chia seeds the new miracle baking ingredient? We could go on, but you get the point. And the difficult things is, everyone has a different answer, a different opinion.

Who or what on earth do you believe? When it comes to your health, it is a risky business.

The key is to do your research. Read, read, and read. Find out everything there is to know about whatever advice you are interested in following.

bottle and pills When it comes to nutritional health supplements, the ante is upped just that little bit more! With so many scrupulous supplement manufacturers out there, consumers must be one step ahead of them and understand what it is they are investing in. After all, good health is something to treasure.

We like to do our research when it comes to certain brands of supplements to see what consumers can expect to achieve. We check out the claims of manufacturers and see, under scrutiny, if they stand up. On all levels, we identify the quality of products, pricing, standards, marketing and dig deep to discover what their customers have to say about the products and what results they experienced. We leave no stone unturned.  

This review will focus on a company called Swanson Vitamins. Swanson has been around for a number of years (founded in 1969) and offers a large range of different products. We found their website informative and straightforward to use, if somewhat busy.

Their range of products seems to cover things for the whole family. Their website states that Swanson Health Products is the leader in affordable vitamins. They have products ranging from CoQ10 for optimizing mental health, krill oil for joint supply and probiotics to aid positive intestinal health. They not only supply their own range of supplements, they also act as a retailer for other brands such as NOW Foods, New Chapter, and Enzymatic Therapy with new arrivals all the time.

Money Back Guarantee

money back In their ‘Returns’ section on the website, we found lots of information regarding a money back guarantee. It would appear that consumers are able to return products up to 12 months after purchase. This is a confident money back guarantee. That said, we found a section at the bottom of this page that states, any empty bottles cannot be returned, only the unused portion. We wonder then if consumers are able to return a bottle with only one tablet in it. And how would you know if it isn't suitable until you have taken a whole bottle, especially for products that can take some weeks to feel the benefit from? It isn’t really that clear.

Discounts & Pricing

The full priced items seemed to be slightly higher than other similar products on the market. However, Swanson offers discounts on multiple purchases and it would seem, regularly send out discount vouchers to new and existing customers. This then lowers the price considerably, which is great news if you are looking for long-term health support.  

Our Summary - Swanson Vitamins Review

Swanson Vitamins is a well-established company that has been around for many years, 1969 to be exact. They have a great range of products and the ingredients they use seem to be of good quality. Their website is very comprehensive with lots of information regarding products as well as a blog, recipes, and research. We found many other products from many other suppliers so we understand that they now re-sell products making them a sales retailer as opposed to simply a manufacturer. We are not sure what such a move means, how could these guys vouch for other company products? We were unsure of the guarantee these sell on products yielded - do they offer the same guarantee as Swanson products themselves? We could not tell from the website. Overall, however, this company offers some excellent solutions for supporting health and positive well-being. They are definitely worth checking out.

As with any new product you may decide to start taking, as well as any lifestyle and dietary changes, you should always consult with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.