Every year, during Halloween we as parents warn our kids not to overindulge in eating candy, to be safe when crossing the street, not to talk to strangers and to go trick-or-treating in a group.

However, we more often than not, do not follow our own advice. So, we often too overindulge in eating candy and in drinking way too much alcohol, we drink and drive, and we go out alone during the night. As a result, we are prey to the same ailments that plague kids at this time. In order to minimize the ill effects of this spooky-cooky dark holiday, we should follow our own advice and take supplements to help us along.


There are thousands of supplements out there and there is no such thing as a magic potion or weird concoction that will miraculously cure all of your suffering but there is the right combination of key ingredients that will certainly act cumulatively if applied in the right amounts and taken at the right time. When you come to consider your next supplements, be wise and be informed. Choose a company that is known for quality and provides clinically tested ingredients. So pick a supplement that will help you replenish and recover to keep you healthy and fit during this Halloween. Below are some suggestions to think about.

Blood Sugar Balanced

Few Halloween happenings are scarier than an over-sugared kid. Now, imagine over-sugared adults! Keep your weight in check by taking a nutritional supplement. Make sure to check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements. Take precautions before trick-or-treating. Eat a healthy and hearty dinner with enough fat, fiber, veggies and protein to balance blood sugar levels throughout the evening. Remember, eating too much sugar at any time can be dangerous. It can lead to insulin resistance and other related diseases.

Bloating And Constipation


Overeating candy can give kids and adults painful stomach aches. Why? The body may not absorb or digest large quantities of sugar, so the undigested portions can ferment in the lower intestine and produce bloating and gas. If you or your kid overindulges, peppermint or ginger tea can help. Chewing on fennel seeds can also help. Supplements that are marketed for constipation, detoxing or colon cleansing can help too. Make sure that they include papaya leaves, flaxseeds, oats, black walnut and probiotics.

Bad Breath

Too much sugar too fast is not just bad for your overall health, it can also be bad for your teeth. Protect them as much as you can. You can't completely prohibit kids from indulging or prevent it either, but you can limit candy consumption. The biggest danger is nibbling throughout the day or not brushing your teeth, which keeps them constantly bathed in sugar. Brush and floss thoroughly and take a supplement that contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex or Chlorophyllin (SCC) and green tea.

Final Word For A Healthy And Happy Halloween

If you take the proper precautions and take care of yourself, you can enjoy Halloween and any other celebration you may have.

Researched and written by experts, brought to you by our team at Mommy Authority.

Amy Roberts studied psychology and has been working with kids for over 10 Years. She has 3 adorable kids of her own and has a passion for writing and horseback riding. Amy is a contributing writer for MommyAuthority and also writes for her local neighborhood paper in Wisconsin.