The Christmas Price is one of the newest Christmas movies to join the many that have circulated over the years and from what’s being said, it seems like it’s one that you can add to your list of must-sees over this holiday season. Christmas is a time when families come together and get the chance amongst busy schedules to spend quality time together. Finding activities that every member of the family will agree to can be challenging. Snuggling up to a movie is an easy choice to please all members of the family and around Christmas time there’s nothing like sitting down with your family to enjoy a Christmas classic. This season, amongst the classics like Love Actually and It’s A Wonderful Life, you can add The Christmas Price.

The Christmas Price is about an aspiring young journalist, Amber Moore, who hasn’t been able to catch a career break and is stuck in a dead end job. One day her boss finally gives her a break and sends Amber to the foreign country of Aldovia to cover a press conference about the young Prince Richard who is set to take over the throne following his father’s death. Prince Richard is a purported playboy and leading up to the press conference, was rumored that he might not appear. Amber is swept up in the commotion and is mistaken for the Prince’s young sister, Emily’s, American tutor. Pretending to be Emily’s tutor requires exceeded cognitive effort. To learn more about how to support brain function read about different supplements here

As with all classic love stories, one thing leads to the next and within the two weeks between her arrival and Christmas, Amber and the Prince fall in love. The climax occurs at the inauguration ball which also happens to fall out on Christmas. A secret is uncovered about the Prince that comes between him and Amber as well as his chances of becoming king. Amber leaves Aldovia broken-hearted, only to come back to an angry boss which ultimately is what pushes her to finally quit her job. The movie is wrapped up when suddenly on the eve of New Year’s Prince Richard comes to Amber’s hometown to profess his love and propose marriage, which Amber readily accepts.

Our Takeaway On The Christmas Prince

Although the plot is predictable and a bit generic, The Christmas Prince is one of those holiday movies that is so-bad-it’s-good. It’s the type of predictability and plot that you can rely on for a feel-good ending that will please your whole family. It has been commonly compared to The Princess Diaries, adding points in its favor and gives you a better sense of what type of movie you’re sitting down to. Viewers were charmed by the two plot lines following Amber’s and Emily’s developing relationship as well as Amber’s relationship with the Prince. Amber’s relationship with Emily you see Emily’s character grow and develop from an entitled brat to a mature young adult who you realize has been projecting her frustrations through her behavior. All in all, The Christmas Prince is a wonderful movie to watch huddled together with your family this holiday season.

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