One of the hardest postpartum challenges that women struggle with is losing the extra weight brought on by eating for two throughout her pregnancy. A common misrepresented notion in pregnancy is that when a woman is eating for two it is for herself and a second person. However, what is commonly misunderstood is that the second person only needs an additional 500 calories a day, not an adult portion of 2,000. This misconception can leave a woman significantly overweight after her pregnancy. While breastfeeding can help some women shed unwanted pounds, it can cause some women to actually gain weight, further increasing her weight loss goals. Average weight gain during a pregnancy is anywhere from 25-35 pounds and with a baby in tow, it makes it even more challenging to put in the effort necessary to succeed in losing weight. Experts suggest that because it takes nine months to put on the baby weight it should be expected to take at least another nine months to see full weight loss. But even after the first year, many women claim to still have ten pounds or more of baby weight to lose.

Juggling work, housework, and children can leave a mom with insufficient time to invest in exercise and will keep you from being able to commit to taking the time to make healthy meals. This can leave you in the market for an additional boost that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Americans are estimated to spend 2 billion dollars a year on weight loss supplements or cleanses in order to help them lose weight. Some products are upstanding and offer real results while others are full of harmful toxins and chemicals that cause you to unsafely lose weight. The criteria we always look for is that the product is safe, all-natural, affordable, third-party tested to prove its integrity and proven to be genuinely effective. A name that continuously surfaced throughout our research that meets all of our criteria is 7 Day Detox Pure.

What is 7 Day Detox Pure?


7 Day Detox Pure is a colon cleanse that contains 19 ingredients that have been carefully researched. Every capsule contains 900 mg, is 100% pure and contains a multitude of weight loss and general health benefits. It can speed up your body’s metabolism, as well as cause fat and calories to burn quickly and efficiently. It helps your body get rid of toxins and replace them with healthy nutrients and vitamins that beneficially affect your health and well being. All of these benefits will result in weight loss, increased energy, and overall better health.

The reason why a colon cleanse can be the most effective way to lose weight is because the body is overwhelmed with toxins that are lodged in our system which makes it harder to lose weight. You consume toxins in nearly everything you come into contact with on a daily basis like the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. It is the colon’s job to sift out toxins from nutrients and get rid of the toxins but with so much daily contact with toxins, it can cause the colon to become overwhelmed. This can result in your colon becoming weak and inefficient. It is believed that every adult has at least 10 pounds of toxic waste lodged in their digestive tract. Taking 7 Day Detox Pure can help flush out these toxins from your system which will result in better overall health, weight loss, and increased energy.

How Does It Work?


7 Day Detox Pure is able to achieve its claims through its blend of ingredients that have been carefully chosen because of their proven cleansing properties. This product contains Fennel Seed which has been shown to relieve bloating and abdominal distension, Ginger Root which reduces inflammation, Cape Aloe that has laxative properties. It also contains ingredients like Prune Juice, Aloe Vera, Acidophilus, Acai Powder, Goldenseal, Cayenne Pepper, Licorice Root, Flaxseed Oil, Buckthorn Bark, Pumpkin Seed, Citrus Pectin, Oat Bran, Senna, Rhubarb and Cascara Sagrada, which have all been scientifically shown to gently flush out the system.

Does It Really Work?

What drew us to 7 Day Detox Pure is their stellar consumer reviews. Consumers reported that they felt immediate results but that this product is gentle and did not cause them to run to the bathroom continuously or experience diarrhea. Users claimed that after they had taken this cleanse as recommended by the manufacturer, they felt lighter, had more energy, saw real weight loss that stayed off and no longer experienced chronic pain. With reviews like these that attest to the integrity of the product, we needed to know more and found that this product really does work.

Where Can You Get It?


7 Day Detox Pure is available on the manufacturer’s website for purchase. Depending on the severity of every individual’s blockage, some may need to use a cleanser for more time than others. 7 Day Detox Pure offers various bulk purchasing options in order to make it more affordable for everybody to achieve optimal health. One bottle costs $49.95. Two bottles are reduced to $34.95 per bottle. Four bottles are available for $24.95 each and finally, six bottles are discounted to $23.30 each. The manufacturer is so confident in their product’s effectiveness that they offer a 100% 60-Day money back guarantee so you can try this product risk-free.

Our Conclusion Of Our 7 Day Detox Pure Review

One of the biggest challenges that a new mom is faced with is dealing with the weight she gained during her pregnancy. Many find themselves a year or more later with many pounds they still need to shed. Once they reach a point where it is safe to take a colon cleanser, and we always recommend for everybody to consult with their doctor before taking a supplement or colon cleanse, our research has found that 7 Day Detox Pure will offer real and effective results.

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