Most moms are itching to lose the weight they gained during their pregnancy right after their baby is born but because new moms are delicate after giving birth and need the proper nutrition to recover from delivery, it is not recommended for a new mom to diet or exercise for at least the first six weeks postpartum. After six weeks there are many factors that get in the way of a new mom losing the baby weight. The sheer exhaustion from staying up all night with the baby can hold you back from committing to an exercise routine. Although it is believed that nursing can help you lose weight after birth it can also make you especially hungry and thirsty. So, if you are not careful, you can end up consuming more calories than you are losing through nursing which can cause you to gain more weight. The middle of the night feeds can also leave you craving a midnight snack and many moms find themselves basking in the light of the fridge in the early hours of the morning, having succumbed to their midnight cravings.

What Can You Do About It?


There are many ways to tackle these challenges like stocking up on healthy snacks, trying to fit in more exercise into your routine and after the six-week point, dieting and trying to limit your calorie intake. However, many moms find that with a new baby in tow, really committing to taking the steps necessary to losing the baby weight is too time-consuming and not something that falls at the top of their list of priorities. This can leave you in the market for a product that can give you an additional weight loss boost. As a new mom, and especially if you are a breastfeeding mom, it is imperative to find a natural and safe option, although we always recommend for anyone who is pregnant or nursing to consult with their healthcare provider before consuming any sort of dietary supplement or medication. There are so many different weight loss magic pills that make promises to help you lose weight instantly without changing your routine or without dieting. These products are usually full of chemicals and toxins and don’t really work. We decided to focus our search on realistic, practical and natural supplements that you take in conjunction with keeping healthy habits. A name that continually resurfaced for its positive consumer reviews and stellar list of active key ingredients and benefits is Green Coffee Pure so we decided to review this product to determine if this is a worthwhile product.

What Is Green Coffee?


Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. The roasting process turns the coffee beans brown and burn out most of the chlorogenic acid but all coffee beans are originally green. By not roasting the beans, it preserves the chlorogenic acid which is one of the two main components in green coffee, the other being caffeine. Chlorogenic acid is the component that contains the weight loss properties. It works by absorbing the carbohydrates from the digestive tract which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes. The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Bean Extract has been shown to inhibit the glucose-6-phosphate enzyme that slows down the creation of glucose in the liver and speeds up the elimination of fat in the body by increasing the metabolism. Studies have also shown that chlorogenic acid can improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are import factors for heart disease. The caffeine in Green Coffee Pure is significantly less than the average cup of regular caffeinated coffee and comes in safe amounts per serving. Therefore, it offers the additional benefit of an energy boost but without the jitteriness or dizziness that you can get from having a regular cup of coffee.

The Benefits of Green Coffee Pure


We were able to see that Green Coffee Pure stands apart from its competitors because it contains 50% chlorogenic acid which is necessary in order to achieve real results and many competitors we saw generally contain significantly less than that. Green Coffee Pure comes in a 1600 mg vegetarian capsule which is the recommended dosage that you are supposed to take in order to derive the maximum benefits of green coffee. While other competitors are synthetically made and chalk-full of fillers and binders, Green Coffee Pure contains only 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract that comes in vegetarian capsules.

Pricing And Guarantee


Green Coffee Pure is available on their website for $49.95 for one bottle. Because Green Coffee Bean can be taken over an extended amount of time depending on the subjective weight loss case and how much weight loss someone has to lose, Green Coffee Pure offers bulk packaging reduced prices. Two bottles are available for $34.95 per bottle, four bottles are reduced to $24.94 per bottle and six bottles are reduced to $23.30 each. When researching a product we always look for a money back guarantee in order to ensure the consumer’s protection. Green Coffee Pure offers a straightforward and honest 60-day money back guarantee with no bottle limits per return.

Conclusion Of Our Green Coffee Pure Review

The world of weight loss diet pills can be misleading, complex and confusing and it is hard to find a product that is safe, natural and has been proven to work. We know that moms are busy and don’t have the time to do the research of the facts behind every product so we did the research for you. We found Green Coffee Pure to be one of the best weight loss supplements that is currently available on the market. Their product is third party tested which means an independent party has tested it to make sure it meets a certain standard of quality so you can be sure that what you are receiving is of the utmost quality and it is GMP certified. We know that losing weight is important for a mom to get back to feeling like her old self but that it can be hard to put in the necessary efforts while taking care of a new baby. Green Coffee Pure is a safe and natural way to get an extra boost to help you shed the unwanted pregnancy pounds and get back to feeling like yourself again.

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