My Story

When I got pregnant for the first time, nobody told me about all ailments that go along with it. I suffered from swollen ankles, acne, hair loss, achy back, and the most dreaded of all hemorrhoids (piles). All of my problems were bearable, except for these painful swollen beasts. They were excruciating. I was in pain and bleeding but because I was pregnant I did not want to submit myself to any of conventional procedures. I was at my wit's end when a friend of mine who was also expecting told me she had done some research online and had found a great product that worked for her. She was talking about Consumer Health HemClear. I had never heard of it, but I trust my friend and know she will never recommend something to me that wasn't useful. In any case, I decided to try it myself. The first thing I did was to check out their website. I am no fool and even though I got an excellent recommendation, I wasn't going to go ahead and sample something that I wasn't informed on.

Enter HemClear


The site was clear and quite informative. I learned that it is made in the United States in an FDA registered laboratory and is GMP-certified. This alone was very important to me since I want to know that what I put into my body is safe for me and was also safe for my baby. I was also glad to find out that their ingredients were third party tested by external organizations and that they met the strength and purity guidelines of the USP/NF (United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary).

For me surgery was not an option. I did not want to add extra stress on my body by undergoing anesthesia, even if it was local, and the inconvenience of going to an outpatient clinic. I wanted to go the natural route because of my pregnancy. HemClear offered to me that option which was exactly what I was looking and hoping for. It treated both my internal and external hemorrhoids, and calmed the awful burning and itching because it offers a dual action treatment for hemorrhoids - a nutritional supplement (capsule) that you ingest and a cream to be used externally.

Treats Hemorrhoids Inside and Out

I wanted an easy-to-swallow capsule that did not make me burp or give me heartburn, with all natural ingredients, without any fillers, binders or other additives. I loved that it came in two presentations to treat what I needed to treat. I took the capsules during the day when I was out and about to treat my internal hemorrhoids, and when I was at home I treated my external hemorrhoids with HemCream, their ointment version. I appreciated the fact that the cream did not stain or smell badly. Quite the opposite. It had a pleasant and fresh aroma that was not at all off-putting. But the best part was that I felt relief the moment I applied it to my burning skin.

HemClear is Affordable


Instant relief is priceless but the incredible part is that HemClear is actually affordable. I got hemorrhoids pretty early on so I knew that I needed at least five month's worth. So when I went to order online, I was happy to discover that they offered several low cost options (one bottle to 6 bottles options). I chose the packet that included enough pills and cream for six months and online ordering of this hemorrhoid treatment was easy.

Great Customer Service

The FAQ section had most of the answers that I was looking for but I emailed their Customer Service department about some questions I had about delivery options and returning the product in case I wasn't completely happy with it. I was surprised when I got a reply later that same day. I got a full explanation about their different delivery mechanisms and their 60 day100% money back guarantee (even the empty bottles) for a full refund.

I am glad I ordered that since little did I know that my hemorrhoids would carry over, even after my pregnancy. The last thing I needed was to go through complicated treatments with a newborn.

Summary of My Consumer Health HemClear Review


I experienced quick relief of both my internal and external hemorrhoids with HemClear. It addressed my pain, itching and burning of my internal hemorrhoids as well as swelling and inflammation. I did not experience any side effects for taking the oral capsules or any chafing on my skin. The capsules also helped to improve my stool consistency which made it easier to go to the bathroom allowing me to heal and also not to experience additional pain or bleeding.

HemClear was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I was lucky I got the recommendation from my dear friend.

Other people are not so lucky and have to go through a lot of trial and error. Because of that and since I was so impressed by HemClear, I felt I had to share my experience here in this wonderful site for us mommies.

I want to stress that this product worked for me but that doesn't mean that it will necessarily work for you. You should always check with your doctor before taking anything new.

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