Consumer Health InsoRelief Review - A Mother's Solution to Insomnia

There are times when the baby finally gets to sleep steadily at night but the mother ends up wide awake and unable to get a good night's sleep. That tossing and turning at night can rob you of your much-needed rest and when you start thinking about the chores that are waiting for you the following day, it won't really put you to sleep. (1)

Although experts and experienced mothers recommend that you sleep when the baby sleeps, it's not really that simple. There are some mothers who just can't fall asleep immediately hence they resort to taking sleeping pills just to do so. But before you rely on medication to help you get your much-needed slumber, you should try these steps out first.

  • Lie Down - You don't really need to fall asleep if you can't. Forcing yourself won't help either. However, laying back and just relaxing can help you a lot especially after a long day. (2)
  • Choose Your Guests - The problem with having a new baby is that there will be guests arriving to see your bundle of joy. Although socializing can be a welcome relief, there are some guests who expect that your treatment of them will be the same as before you were pregnant. If you are in need of some much-needed rest, it would be a good idea to lessen the number of guests or if you do have, choose guests that can help you out rather than be a burden.
  • Get Help with Nighttime Feedings - There is nothing wrong with asking for help with nighttime feedings as you need to sleep yourself. If you can prepare some breastmilk before you go to bed, you can enlist your husband to help with the feeding.
  • Coffee Isn't Your Friend - If you are suffering from insomnia, there is a high chance that you will be relying on coffee in the morning to keep you up. Too much caffeine has a negative effect on the body so you might want to look for other alternatives to this drink.

Aside from these tips, you can also look into home remedies to alleviate your sleepless nights.

  • Drink Tea - If you are having trouble sleeping at night, drink herbal tea 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. Choose teas that have calming and relaxing effects like chamomile and lavender as they will reduce your stress levels. 
  • Meditation - Stress can wreak havoc on your sleep routine so if you ever find yourself feeling stressed out because of your baby, the chores that you need to do, as well as running the household, you need to take some time to meditate.
  • Lifestyle Changes - Another technique to alleviate insomnia is to make changes in your current lifestyle. If you've been bringing work home, or you have too much on your plate that you can't do it all, you will need to reconsider your approach to your work or chores.
  • Relaxing Activities - You should also look for relaxing activities prior to bedtime so you can trick your body into going into rest mode. This way, it will be easier for you to slip into sleep once your baby is snoozing.

How InsoRelief Can Help

Aside from the steps mentioned above, another possible solution to alleviate insomnia is by taking supplements. One such supplement that might help is InsoRelief. In this InsoRelief review, we aim to provide you with details regarding this product so you will have a clearer picture if this supplement is what you need.


For starters, it makes use of 11 natural ingredients that have been carefully selected based on their effects. Among the ingredients that you will see here include Valerian, Passionflower, Hops, Magnolia extract, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm.

Its main ingredient, L-ornithine, is responsible for reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep. 

The manufacturer behind InsoRelief recommends that you take two to four capsules at least an hour before bedtime to help you rest up. However, you need to discuss this supplement with your doctor if you are suffering from chronic insomnia.

Among the benefits that you can get from this dietary supplement is that it is one of the only ones that has successfully combined 11 ingredients in a special formula to tackle insomnia and its symptoms. It is also made in an FDA and cGMP approved facility to ensure quality and safety.

Our Conclusion of Our Consumer Health InsoRelief Review


Based on the information that we have gathered from the manufacturer and from the reviews of other customers, we find InsoRelief to be a product worth taking note of if you need help in alleviating your insomnia woes. What we like about this supplement is that it makes use of all-natural ingredients to treat insomnia without adding any fillers, additives, or even binders to it.

Another plus to this insomnia supplement is that it follows the recommended dosage for each capsule which means that you are getting the help you need to get your much-needed sleep without overdosing on medication. The price for a single bottle of InsoRelief is $49.95 with the Beginner Package of 2 bottles at just $69.90. The Moderate Package, which consists of 3 bottles, is $95.85. If you want to get more savings, you can choose the Advanced Package of 4 bottles for only $111.80, while the five-bottle package is priced at $124.75. The Top Selling Package that consists of 6 bottles can be bought for $139.80.


When you purchase InsoRelief, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which means that you will have plenty of time to test the product out. If you are not happy with the outcome or if you have any issues with the item, you can return the product for a refund. We did not find any mention of side effects from customers so it is safe to say that this one might be of use when you're trying to fight insomnia. After all, if you are raising a family, you will need the right solution to solve your insomnia so that you will have enough energy to conquer the day.

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