Losing weight after the baby is born is one of the biggest things new moms are concerned with. After learning to feed and take care of a new human, of course. Most women are surprised that the pregnancy weight does not just drop off after giving birth, but besides for the weight of the baby, the amniotic fluid, and the placenta which are lost at birth, losing the rest of the weight can take some time. Even the uterus takes around six weeks to shrink to its original size.


Eating healthy and doing some light daily exercise are some good ways to get you started on losing that pregnancy weight. There are also some supplements available that can help push you along. These supplements are not miracle cures, and you will still have to do your part, consider them more of a support to help you. It is important to speak to your doctor about taking any kind of supplement if you are still breastfeeding.

Green Coffee Beans

One type of supplement that is popular for losing weight is made from green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans that are known to provide the body with amazing antioxidants. The main compound found in green coffee beans is Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). CGA is a strong antioxidant that can help take care of our overall health as it stops free radicals damaging our body’s cells. It has also been proven to regulate blood sugar levels which can help manage our appetite and cravings. By acting as an appetite suppressant, it stops us from overeating which allows our body to burn more fat faster. The lack of glucose in the blood also enables our body to burn fat stores for energy. 

Choosing a Green Coffee Supplement


As weight loss supplements such as these are so popular, many manufacturers produce a supplement that may not actually be effective or safe, but as a way of making a profit. Some companies are simply looking to fill their pockets by producing their supplements with very little forethought as to making a product that actually works. For a green coffee bean supplement to be effective, it needs to contain pure and 100% high-grade green coffee bean extract. It should also be manufactured in the US and have clinical studies certifying its potency and quality. This review will look at one product that we found that meets these requirements, called Green Coffee Premium.

What is Green Coffee Premium?


Green Coffee Premium is a green coffee bean supplement that has been formulated according to clinical studies. It is a supplement that appears to meet all the guidelines of being a top-quality product. It is manufactured in the US in an FDA-approved lab that is cGMP certified. For a product to have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification is no easy task. GMP looks at all the elements of the manufacturing process including the ingredients, the equipment, and the training and hygiene of the staff. The manufacturer has to provide documented proof that the correct procedures are consistently followed when manufacturing a product - and this has to happen every time a product is made. 

Green Coffee Premium is made with only pure green coffee bean extract standardized to contain 50% Chlorogenic acid, which is the potency that clinical studies have found to be effective. It also contains a 1600 mg daily dose. Another important fact is that it contains no other ingredients except for the vegetarian capsule - no preservatives, binder or fillers. Often when these unnecessary added extras are added to a product to bulk it up, it can take away from the benefits of the main ingredient, making it less effective. Green Coffee Premium is also manufactured according to the US Pharmacopeia’s standards for strength and purity. So it seems, you are really getting a top product when you buy Green Coffee Premium.

Cost and Guarantee


To back up this product even further, the manufacturer also offers a 90-day money back guarantee when you buy Green Coffee Premium. What makes this guarantee stand out compared to other manufacturer's is that you are able to return opened bottles as well as closed bottles for a refund.

For a product that seems to meet all the industry standards for quality and safety, Green Coffee Premium is well priced. You can buy one bottle containing 60 capsules for $48. This is a one-month supply. This manufacturer won’t sign you up to any auto-shipping programs where you are automatically billed each month for a product that you may not want. You are completely in control of your purchases; you won’t be billed for a product unless you actually purchase it directly. There are some great saving that you can take advantage of when buying in bulk, which is a useful addition for a weight loss product. You can buy three bottles for $89.95, four bottles for $109.95, or six bottles for a limited offer of only $137.95. Usually, the six-bottle package costs $159.95. All these packages are available online from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.

Our Review Summary of Green Coffee Premium


Losing weight can be no easy task, so when using a supplement to help increase your efforts, it is important to find a top-quality product. We believe Green Coffee Premium meets all the industry standards for what makes a top-quality product. The ingredients are also based on clinical studies for proven effectiveness. And to top it off, this product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.

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