So you are ready to lose the baby weight? We have the perfect solution. Take CLA. You are probably scrunching your nose now, wondering what CLA is and why it will help you lose the baby bulge. We just want to stress that although supplements can help and be very supportive in your weight loss journey, they can't do the work for you. Effort is still required.

CLA is an abbreviation for Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a slightly modified form of an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. CLA has many health benefits including stimulating weight loss, building lean body mass, boosting metabolism and lowering cholesterol.


CLA can be found mainly in meat and dairy products, but in small amounts. So, getting enough CLA from your diet alone is actually not feasible. This is why taking a CLA supplement is so popular. It is an easier way to get the recommended daily allowance and is much more effective. There are certain things you must think about before buying a CLA supplement though. For example, CLA is the most effective and potent when derived from safflower oil. Many manufacturers try to recreate and isolate various CLA isomers from trans-fats which have as an end result definite negative metabolic and health effects.

Another thing to consider when buying CLA is the degree of standardization. CLA should be standardized to contain a minimum of 80%. That said, the higher the better.

Something else to think about is how the CLA formula is presented. CLA delivered in a softgel is the most bioavailable method of absorbing CLA into the body and optimizing results.

We would like to say a few words about safety, especially when you are still breastfeeding. Consumption of commercially produced CLA has been shown to cause milk fat depression in cows and may decrease milk fat in humans. (1) Yet, another study claims that foods high in CLA can actually enrich breast milk. (2) Whether it is safe or not to take CLA while breastfeeding is not our job to determine. We recommend that before you take any type of supplement, you speak with your doctor, especially if you are still breastfeeding.

After all that, we wanted to let you know that we discovered a fantastic CLA supplement from Research Verified. We are happy to share with you why we think that this version of CLA is the #1 choice for anyone who has decided that CLA supplements are for them.

  • Research Verified CLA CLA derived from safflower oil, the most effective source. Many other supplements use CLA derived from alternative less effective sources.
  • Research Verified CLA provides a whopping 85% standardized CLA product. This was the best that we found out there on the market.
  • Research Verified CLA does not add any fillers, binders, preservatives, synthetics or hormones.
  • Research Verified CLA comes in an easily absorbed softgel to enhance bioavailability.
  • Research Verified CLA provides a serving size of 2,000mg a day. This falls in line with the clinical research that suggests this is an effective daily dose that can be taken to achieve optimal results.
  • Research Verified offers a no questions asked 365 day money back online guarantee if you do not experience the results that you had hoped for. This is awesome.
  • Research Verified manufactures their products in FDA and cGMP approved facilities.
  • Research Verified uses only approved FDA ingredients, unlike some other companies that have sold products containing FDA banned ingredients.
  • Research Verified only use ingredients from top quality sources that have been checked to comply with the high standards set forth by independent organizations.
  • All products from Research Verified are both third party tested and monitored for optimal quality and effectiveness.

Research Verified CLA Review - In Short

Losing weight after baby doesn't have to be a killer experience as long as you eat the right foods, exercise a bit and take CLA. Make sure though, that it is a quality version for optimal effects.

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