It is needless to say that stress comes hand in hand with pregnancy and motherhood. If you're a first-time mom, the stress can be induced by all the unknowns and by the enormous transition to the changes life brings with having a dependent little person relying solely on you to keep it alive. For the seasoned, experienced mother, stress can come from knowing how hard the struggles can be, from how this child will be different from the others, from worrying if your heart will fully multiply to expand and add more space for this one and stress from worrying about how stressed out you’ll be. Stress can also come from wondering how you will shed the extra post-pregnancy pounds, from wondering if the acne scars that came from pregnancy hormones will ever heal and if your body will ever return to its old self.

Alleviating ailments through natural options is crucial while pregnant and nursing as experts recommend limiting chemicals, unnatural foods and medicines to only when absolutely necessary. This article is going to explore holy basil as a natural option to tackle stress and other side effects that come as a result of pregnancy and postpartum life.

What Is Holy Basil?


Holy Basil is a plant that can be consumed in tea and capsule form. It is believed to have a variety of healing abilities and to be effective in the treatment of stress as well as anxiety, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, acne and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. A common pregnancy and breastfeeding complaint is unwanted acne that comes as a result of the ever-changing hormones. It is believed that holy basil can also help control breakouts by purifying the blood from within and by detoxifying your body with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. (1)

How Does It Work?

There are many options of different types of holy basil products available on the market. In our research, Research Verified Holy Basil continuously resurfaced as a top brand so we conducted further research into it to determine the integrity of the product. ln order be optimally effective, Holy Basil has to meet certain criteria, one being that it must contain at least 2.5% ursolic acid In a recent study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal. In this study, two groups of people were tested using holy basil that contains 2.5% ursolic acid. Participants were divided into two groups, some were given a holy basil capsule that had 2.5% ursolic acid and others were given a placebo. The study lasted 6 weeks and both groups underwent a psychological assessment at the initial start of the study, on day one and weeks 2, 4 and 6. Participants were asked not to make any big changes to their diet and lifestyle during the 6-week study. The results found that from this type of holy basil containing 2.5% ursolic acid, the participants experienced reduced levels of stress from 14 measured stress symptoms like headaches, forgetfulness, and lack of sleep or insomnia. For this reason, it is imperative that holy basil contains 2.5% ursolic acid in order for it be effective. Research Verified Holy Basil has exactly this much in their capsules. We highly recommend being wary of variations of Holy Basil that contain as little as 0.5%.


Women who have experienced pregnancy know that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is extremely important because otherwise, it puts the mother at risk of developing gestational diabetes that can have dire consequences for both mother and baby. Holy Basil is believed to help control blood glucose. It was tested in the mid-80s by a researcher from Azad University of Agriculture and Technology in India. The results of the experiment found that holy basil decreased glucose levels in rats up to 36%. However, as always, we recommend for anyone who is pregnant or nursing to consult with their doctor before consuming any sort of medicine or supplement.

What Are The Ingredients?

Holy Basil made by Research Verified only has two ingredients; holy basil and the vegetarian capsule it comes in. When looking for a natural solution it is good to know that the supplement you are taking is straightforward and not full of additives and fillers. The ingredients in Research Verified are 100% pure. Taking too little will be ineffective and taking too much can result in adverse side effects. The recommended dosage is crucial to receiving an effective amount of holy basil that will be effective and offer results without any side effects. Research Verified recommends taking two 500 mg capsules a day amounting to exactly 1,000 mg of holy basil to experience best results.

How Much Does It Cost?

We were able to find Research Verified Holy Basil for $48 a bottle on the manufacturer’s website. They also offer bulk purchasing options as follows:

  • 3 bottles discounted 53% to $33 a bottle.
  • 6 bottles discounted 66% to $24 a bottle.

Considering holy basil is something that can be taken over an extended amount of time, Research Verified makes deriving the benefits from holy basil a financially feasible feat. Every bottle has a one month’s supply and is backed by a full year money-back guarantee so you can try this product risk-free.

Our Research Verified Holy Basil Review Conclusion

It can be confusing and at times one could feel misled and unsure of what information to believe about a product online especially when there are so many variations available. In the research we found about Research Verified, we found that it is exactly as they call themselves - research verified. It is a product that has been insured through a third party, contains no contaminants, has a proper dosage and purity based on clinical studies and most importantly, contains the highest quality ingredients based on scientific research. Motherhood can come with many stressors and stressing about your stress relief supplements isn't something to stress over. Therefore, we recommend relying on Research Verified Holy Basil to help relieve stress and other symptoms that come hand in hand with motherhood.

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