Nitric Oxide is a household name in the bodybuilding world. (1) But did you know that it can also help you after giving birth?

At Mommy Authority, we like to review, up and coming health trends and dietary supplements that will help moms and mom-to-be.

So, how can nitric oxide help you? Read on to find out more.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Let's first explain what nitric oxide is.

Nitric oxide is a tiny molecule that our body produces to help cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the body. It is this messaging that controls the body's vascular tone and function, levels of inflammation, coagulation, controls the endothelium (the lining of all of our blood vessels) and even oxidation. (2)


Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound with the formula N.O. It is produced by many cells in the body that affects and ultimately causes, vasodilation. (3) Vasodilation refers to the widening of the blood vessels which when relaxed, leads to a stronger pump and flow of blood, feeding the muscles and body to ensure optimum workout support.

Nitric Oxide has been shown to protect the heart, stimulate the brain, and kill bacteria, thus playing an important role in a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Needless to say that nitric oxide can provide an array of outstanding health benefits.

Nitric Oxide Postpartum

Many new mothers experience nitric oxide deficiencies due to postpartum additional stress, physical inactivity, extreme fatigue, and lack of healthy foods. The latter is probably the biggest culprit because most new moms don't have time to prepare elaborate meals and just grab easily-available junk food while doing 101 errands with baby in tow. Increasing your nitric oxide levels can help increase your energy, vitality and overall wellness. Boosting your nitric oxide intake, either through exercise or through supplementation, is essential to reduce or delay fatigue, lower inflammation and improve sleep quality.


After you have been given a clean bill of health and cleared to return to (or begin) an exercise routine, nitric oxide can help then too. The best way to actually increase nitric oxide in the body is through exercise. During your workout routine, run, walk or swim your muscles need more oxygen, supplied by the blood. When the blood is flowing faster and unobstructed, the muscles grow quicker and larger. Making you stronger to carry your baby as he/she develops and grows.

This is great news for new moms and moms-to-be since they have the knowledge that they can get an extra boost, if they need or want to. There are hundreds of brands and many of them that are questionable in terms of quality and effectiveness. We, at Mommy Authority, do not want to put our readers at risk, so we did a survey of the major and most popular brands in order to rule out which ones were dangerous, poor quality and ineffective.

We found a good apple: Research Verified Nitric Oxide. Below we provide our analysis.

Research Verified Nitric Oxide Our Top Choice

There are several reasons why we chose Research Verified Nitric Oxide as our top choice. Let's start out with the fact that Research Verified Nitric Oxide is composed of a powerful blend of amino acids that will provide the optimal nitric oxide boost. It contains L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which includes four subtypes: A.A.K.G. (Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), A.K.I.C. (Arginine Ketoisocaproate), L-Arginine Mono and L-Arginine Malate. Together these provide the most effective agents in the metabolism of nitric oxide production. All the other natural, pure key ingredients in its formula, help synthesize and provide for the very best results and ultimate nitric oxide boost.


Research Verified Nitric Oxide offers a great money back guarantee to put your mind at ease. If you are not happy with your purchase or the results of this product, you are able to return it, (even opened bottles), no questions asked. You have a full 365 days to try it out and see over a period of time if it is really for you. It is one of the best return policies we have seen on the market.

Research Verified Nitric Oxide is developed by a team of the best medical doctors, nutritionists and clinical researchers in the United States. They select only the finest and purest of ingredients, after they have done their due diligence and analyzed existing clinical studies.


Based on this research, they create a unique blend of ingredients and precise dosage that makes Research Verified Nitric Oxide so effective and powerful. On top of that, Research verified prides itself in adhering to the strictest of safety and quality guidelines. It is proudly made in the Unites States in an FDA registered manufacturing facility, their QA process is cGMP certified.

In terms of affordability, Research Verified Nitric Oxide offers excellent discounts and package deals, ranging in size and value when you buy online. Consumers can save over $280 when buying the 'Best Value Package' option of six bottles.

In case, you are not completely convinced by now, you can read the opinions of other moms who have tried and tested this great product. Customer reviews are a great way of better understanding of how a product works and what kind of results consumers have received.

Research Verified Nitric Oxide customers include both first-time moms and experienced moms of all ages.

Research Verified Nitric Oxide Review - Final Word


So you don't have to be a hard-core athletic or bodybuilder to enjoy the many benefits of taking nitric oxide. You can be a first-time mom or simply a worn-out mom (don't all put your hands up at once!). If you are looking for an all natural, effective formula to help you get rid of your fatigue, lower inflammation in your body, improve your sleep quality and help you get stronger, then nitric oxide is your answer.

Whatever supplement you choose, make sure you read the label and know what you are buying. What you put in your body is important and it should be the very best quality.

We think that Research Verified Nitric Oxide is the right product. Its formula is pure and all natural and is rich with nitric oxide boosting ingredients. They have a specialized team of doctors and other experts in the field to QA and develop a comprehensive and effective formula, great guarantee for a whole year, excellent customer feedback and affordable buying options and discount deals.

Researched and written by experts, brought to you by our team at Mommy Authority.

Pamela studied nutrition and and sports medicine and has made a fantastic career out of it. She is a proud multi-tasking single mom that makes good food for her family and takes pride in what she does. She teaches TRX three times a week and loves weekends and strawberries.