Every morning we get up and look in the mirror. What we see may surprise us. Red eyes, blotchy skin or a white-coated tongue may appear in front of us. Most of the time, these common conditions are minor annoyances that can easily be treated. However, our eyes (1) skin (2) and tongue (3) may reflect underlying health problems that may warrant medical advice. Listening to your body and being aware of the many signs it gives you as indicators of your inner health is a great way of understanding yourself better. Many women when they are pregnant or postpartum experience minor conditions that need attention but they do not want to take prescription medication that may cause serious side effects, so they turn to natural remedies.


In order to become healthy or maintain a healthy lifestyle, many people opt to go the natural route. Dietary supplements are a great tool to accomplish this in a safe way, provided that you buy a quality product that has been thoroughly tested for contaminants and allergens. There are many supplements to choose from, so choosing the correct one for your needs is important. You want to select supplements that have been manufactured by a reputable company that is subject to proper quality control and assurance to ensure your safety.

In our business, we come across so many companies but many don't even warrant further investigation given their lack of credentials and safety record. One company that did stand out for us is Research Verified.

We came across this company, while we were interviewing respondents on the use of supplements. Research Verified was one of the names that was frequently mentioned. We gathered our team of moms, nutritionists and other experts such as writers, bloggers, and healthcare professionals in order to form a focus group and test if Research Verified was indeed a top contender. Below, we offer our thoughts on this company.


In our Research Verified review, our team uncovered that Research Verified is indeed a steadfast company that manufactures and sells health and dietary supplements. These supplements undergo extensive tests to guarantee top quality and to ensure customer safety. Research Verified offer high levels of protection for the health and safety of consumers by their strict compliance to safety rules and regulations to upkeep the highest standards for their products. This greatly impressed us, since we believe that manufacturers have a moral obligation to make sure that consumers are not harmed by their products. Also, the manufacturer must be socially and environmentally responsible. For this, Research Verified got our seal of approval!

In fact, Research Verified goes far and beyond regular testing and certification. They not only do in-house tests for contaminants and quality control for their ingredients, they have third party independent organizations evaluate their products for compliance with consumer product safety requirements.


We found out that in our Research Verified review, that this company is adamant about the quality of their products because they only use the highest standard of ingredients sourced from the premium stocks of plants, herbs, and minerals that are 100% natural. They do not add anything artificial, such as fillers, synthetic fibers or powders, additives or preservatives to their formulas which was a great plus in our eyes.

The end result is a supplement that is trustworthy and safe. We have emphasized safety as our main concern because if it's jeopardized due to a bad product or reaction to an ingredient then there is nothing left. Our health is the number one priority.


There are other things we loved about Research Verified as a company. For example, we were proud to know that their manufacturing and testing facilities are homegrown right in the USA and that they are FDA recognized and abide by cGMP.

Furthermore, their due diligence prior to manufacturing in the form of extensive research on clinical data and trials and post-production with QA is refreshing and has set them apart as a true beacon of the industry.


It is important for mothers and potential mothers to know that whatever they take prenatal and postpartum will not endanger their health or expose them to unnecessary and dangerous side effects. We found no reason not to trust this company. In fact, we were shocked to discover that they offer an extensive online money back guarantee for an entire year. Today, guarantees are common but usually, companies will provide one for a month or two at the most with many impediments to obtain it. We have never heard of any company offering a whole year, this is great news for consumers. We appreciated that there were several options to get this service expedited. To us, this proves that Research Verified is not afraid to stand by their product and is so sure of the effectiveness, quality and safety that provide such an extensive and flawless return policy.


Research Verified has many supplements that treat ailments that specifically afflict mothers and mothers-to-be, such as hair loss, hemorrhoids, joint issues, UTIs, postpartum weight loss, to name just a few. However, there are many more products. Research Verified has an extensive product line of 41 different products as discussed in many review sites also recommends Research Verified for its large product line.

Summary - Research Verified Review

Many of our team members benefited greatly from the pool of products we sampled. We were all very happy with the results we experienced and would not doubt at all to recommend any of the products we've tried.

We found out that in our Research Verified review, that it is a trustworthy and dependable company that has earned kudos from us and many other experts in the industry for their steadfast approach to manufacturing, transparency of information (offer full disclosure of every ingredient on every bottle on their Supplement Facts and clear and user-friendly website) and customer care. Top marks from the mommy brigade!

Researched and written by experts, brought to you by our team at Mommy Authority.

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