Having a baby can make your life more hectic, turning life into something of a treadmill for the first few months (at least). While it can be rather draining and may not seem like much fun (especially compared to all those fantasies you had of being a parent of an adorable little baby) it does come with an advantage. This new, chaotic life can actually help with weight loss. It turns out that the way many new mothers eat, in small portions more frequently (because they're busy tending to their newborn whose needs come first) helps the digestive process and can positively affect mood. This is especially particularly helpful after childbirth when the body needs to adjust to the hormonal changes.

A good weight-loss approach would be to consume between 1,500 and 2,000 calories daily. Coupled with breastfeeding (which burns about 500 calories on a daily basis) and depending on your personal situation this plan could see you losing a pound a week.

Maintain a Balanced Diet


Avoid snacking on junky stuff post childbirth (or anytime, really) and eat a balanced diet. This will steady your moods, something that is necessary in the postpartum phase. In fact, a reduced-carb diet and crash diets have been known to make new moms more miserable and may adversely affect their mental state. It follows that, during this period when new mothers are likely to be sleep-deprived their brains will require a tremendous amount energy (which carbohydrates provide). However, this is not carte-blanche to go crazy with the Pringles. Opt for nutritious carbs, those that are high-fiber (think sweet potatoes, whole-grain rice, apples, berries, etc). They'll make you feel fuller sooner and longer than simple carbs like potatoes, white rice, and refined flour products. However, it is not always easy to maintain a balanced diet. So, we advise that you take supplements to provide any missing nutrients that you may be missing. If you are trying to lose weight, a good one to try is Yacon Extract

Eat When You are Hungry

Since motherhood comes with loads of responsibility on top of the regular busy life a new mom had before giving birth, new mothers tend to be so absorbed in trying to balance the needs of the baby and all that other stuff they used to do. And sometimes, inadvertently -- and even not -- they ignore their own hunger pangs. However, it is important that new mothers eat when they are hungry and that they take care to consume small portions. At the very least they need to stop for just a moment at regular intervals and monitor their appetite, and sate it when their body tells them it's time for food. It's also crucial for mothers who are breastfeeding to be sure to drink enough water.

So, eat when you are hungry, don't postpone til you're famished because this will take a toll on your body and may make you more inclined to eat whatever is in sight whether or not it is healthy.

Replenish Your Body


Finally, and this may come as a surprise, eat your favorite chocolate or that the ice cream you love. But set a limit of 100 calories per day from that. You don't need to totally deprive yourself of treats, just keep them limited. If you're the type who can't hold to those kinds of restrictions and you tend to binge if you get your hands on a small “fix“, then do avoid the junk entirely.

Eat All Day And Actually Lose Weight!

Many women tend to maintain a healthy diet and adhere to an ideal exercise regime during pregnancy. However, quite a few do not keep this up after childbirth and this can be detrimental. It is important that women obtain a sufficient amount of calcium since this is needed for breast milk production. The body tends to compensate for a calcium deficiency by taking it from your bones which can lead to the onset of osteoporosis. Folic acid and iron are also nutrients that you should be mindful of consuming.

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