Talking about getting into shape is easy (relatively) but actually getting into shape requires discipline, and a lot of effort. Most people who haven't exercised regularly are generally daunted by the idea of working out, but what if there is an easier way that involves having fun? Here's how to get in shape by mimicking the manner of a free-spirited eight-year-old.

A study done on children reveals that they manage to remain in shape by simply being active. They tend to gravitate towards sports activities but most importantly they enjoy what they are doing and they tend to engage with exuberance. They are inclined to repeat their activities and challenge themselves but in a far less serious way than adults.


Adults, when contemplating an exercise regime tend to assume a very serious approach. We tend to ensure that we have the right gear, that we rigidly follow the instructions, set strict targets and brow beat ourselves into shedding those pounds. However, the main difference between our approach and that of children is that they are not bent on following rules and being rigid, they are intent on having FUN.

So, why not join your kids while they are playing. Join in their games, grab a hockey stick and play away. In fact, jump (literally) in with them like this for approximately 15 minutes and you will unwittingly start to build those muscles. Immerse yourself into dancing or imitate how they skip and bounce around the house. Be sure to participate instead of merely watching them or shouting instructions from a distance.

Tips To Keep In Shape Like An Eight Year Old

  • When you get a break, get up and be active. If you don't even have the chance to take a walk while at work, when you do get a break, at least get up and stretch, rotate your hips, hop, skip and jump. This will increase your heart rate and send your blood circulating.
  • Do some stretching. Reach for and hold your toes. Increase your flexibility by stretching and contorting your body regularly.
  • Do not wait to get the perfect exercise gear, instead wear clothes that you already have and channel your inner eight-year-old creativity.
  • Mirror the eight-year-old who has a more active lifestyle. Park your car and walk around whenever you can. Explore the world around you. Take a look at the beautiful sunrise and sunsets Pay attention to the stars, admire the changing shape of the moon and literally smell the roses.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Revive your childlike curiosity. Do something new, challenge your mind. Try a novel exercise. Do something silly like hopping on one leg or walk backwards.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously; when you are trying something new, do it with a sense of enjoyment instead of paying attention to adult opinion.
  • Be sure to do something that makes you happy.

Ensure that you thoroughly enjoy yourself in the way a child does. Keep moving, enjoy the outdoors and the serotonin and endorphins will be sure to do their job too, keeping you feeling and maybe even looking younger. In any case, make sure you take vitamins and supplements that will provide any missing nutrients that are missing in your diet. Especially, if you want to lose weight. One we recommend is Garcinia Cambogia. Do your research and speak to a health professional before starting any nutritional supplements.

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Born and raised in NYC, Chloe grew up running around the reservoir in Central Park and dreaming about attending NYU. She finally realized her dream and received her Masters in Biology. Currently married to her childhood sweetheart and mom to three spirited children, she works as a genetic counselor and is living the life she always wanted to.