There are so many changes that a woman undergoes during her lifetime and pregnancy is among the biggest. Once you become pregnant your life inevitably changes and so does your body. So now that you are pregnant and undergoing these changes should you exercise? This is an age-old question that has been the source of much debate.

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?


The key to determining what is best for you is to listen to your body's cues. This may sound strange to someone who has not experienced pregnancy but during this time women find they are more attuned to their body. If you follow its lead, chances are you will not go wrong. After all, a woman who is strong enough to endure labor is not as fragile as one might think. Nevertheless, moderation is key and while it is generally not advisable to participate in rigorous activity, light exercise should be just fine. Still you should always consult with your healthcare professional.

Exercise Is Encouraged

At present, most if not all physicians encourage pregnant women to engage in some type of exercise and women who are not considered high risk are especially urged to do so because exercise prepares the body for childbirth, keeps them healthy and gives them a head start into dealing with motherhood.

It is important that women get their heart racing and blood pumping from time to time but they should also lower the tempo by way of meditation or by doing some simple tasks that they enjoy (like yoga or going for a walk). It's best to seek medical advice before undertaking any kind of exercise regimen. After your baby is born and you are ready to get back in shape, step up your exercise routine and take supplements. We have reviewed many products. One we recommend is green coffee

The Benefits Of Exercising When Pregnant


A current study confirms that pregnant mice that were more active had offspring that weighed more at birth and were generally more active than their counterparts (that did not have an “exercising mom“) when they got older. In addition, they tended to remain within the norms of body mass index. This study indicates that there is a correlation between exercising while pregnant and having healthy and active kids. This should motivate mothers to remain active as much as they can even with the bulge.

Much of the controversy concerning whether or not women should exercise while pregnant is rooted in cultural differences. Some women are discouraged from exercising while pregnant, while others do a considerable amount of physical activity. But overall, more women are active and actually exercising while pregnant. Many of them are relying on a simple rule of thumb: they exercise because it feels good. So, after your doctor gives you the green light, go ahead and get your workout on.

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