Only a few weeks left to go. The children are restless and so are you. The playdough is in tatters and has already been made in all colors of the rainbow. The lego has been built into cities which your children will not allow you to touch - even though it sticks out like a sore thumb at your dinner parties and now they are just simply bored playing inside. The time has come to venture outside the house and have some fun exploring the city.

City Vibes

The city beckons. It never sleeps. Right now all your children want to do is hop in the car, catch buses and trains with you and explore what the city has on offer. Let’s get straight to what the city can deliver for your kids:

1. The Beach (if your closest city is lucky enough to have one!)


Nothing fascinates children more than the push and pull of the ocean. There are shells to be collected on the beach and big sand castles to make. Just the sand alone is pure pleasure to the senses. If you can find a beach with a small playground even better! Be prepared though. Make sure your children are covered in tons of waterproof sunblock that is at least SPF 50. They should also be wearing hats that have the added flap that protects the back of the neck. Small sunglasses are important too. If possible make sure you bring a big umbrella and are sitting in the shade. Bring a big cooler bag with lots of water, pre-made sandwiches, washed fruit and lollies. Very importantly - don’t forget the wet wipes. Take turns with your hubby or friend taking the kids into the water aiming at safety as your number one priority.

2. Pizza Restaurants

Find a restaurant that offers many options. Pizza is perfect for this. Kids adore cheese and they can pick their own toppings. Pizza also doesn’t require utensils and the kids can eat with their hands. This indulgent food is a feast for the eyes and many days can be spent on holidays ordering different Pizzas. Often, Pizza restaurants will also offer the option of pasta. You simply cannot go wrong here as most children adore the taste of pasta - with sauce or even plain.

3. Amusement Parks

If the ear piercing screams of children dive bombing or racing down a roller coaster won’t entertain you it sure will entertain the kids. Kids love amusement parks. The loud noises, the shiny bright lights, the machines that promise the possibility of owning another fluffy rabbit. Amusement parks are great because you can spend the whole day there. There are many food options (mostly junk food so health-conscious Moms be aware) and candy floss (sugar, sugar, sugar!) but I guess the children will need a lot of energy for all the fun things they will get up to. WebMD boasts a great article about how to have amusement park fun and avoid injury.

4. Cinemas

Movies are always a great option, especially in the holidays as there is usually a plethora of choices and you might even enjoy it! No doubt, your child will most probably be in hysterics along with rest of the children and the energy in the room will be explosive - in a good way!

Fun Activities For The Kids...But What About For Mom?


Many times, when our focus is on the kids, it usually means that we tend to forget about our own health and wellbeing. Putting yourself first can be done in small ways like hiring a babysitter for a night to go out for coffee or try a new yoga class. If you really can't get away, even taking nutritional supplements for everything from migraines to bad breath, can help you feel like a person again.  

For now, after a long day in the city, all you need do is tuck the kids in, run a hot bubble bath, light the candles and pour yourself a glass of bubbly and be satisfied in the knowledge that you gave your child so much joy just by taking them out into the city!



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