Turn on the TV nowadays and you will be automatically bombarded with commercials for every kind of medical condition affecting mankind. From menopause to erectile dysfunction to the less benign - athlete’s foot. Judging from these commercials, featuring burly, sweaty men at the gym or locker rooms that they are the only ones afflicted with this uncomfortable contagious fungal infection but alas women can also get it. There are many myths associated with athlete’s foot such as that men or athletes are the only ones to get it or that poor hygiene is the main cause. (1) In reality, athlete's foot is very common. Around 15% to 25% of people are likely to have athlete's foot at any one time. (2)

Read on to find out more information about athlete's foot, causes, symptoms, available treatments and the natural product we recommend that is safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum.

Definition and Causes of Athlete's Foot


Athlete's foot (tinea pedis) is a highly contagious fungal infection that most commonly affects the skin on the feet but not necessarily, it can also spread to the toenails, genitals and hands. Most commonly caused by the tinea fungus, it can also be a result of yeast or mold and is usually contracted through direct physical contact with an infected person, personal items (towels, socks or shoes) or by touching surfaces that have been contaminated, especially public showers, gyms, locker room floors, and swimming pools.

There are three different types:

  • Interdigital- Affects the spaces between the toes.
  • Moccasin-type- Affects the heels, soles of the feet and toenails.
  • Vesicular- Affects the entire foot.

Although not serious, it is quite uncomfortable (causing itching, burning, blistering, and cracking of the skin) and hard to get rid of. However, if you have diabetes or a weakened immune system, athlete’s foot can become a serious issue that needs to be treated quickly.



There are many possible symptoms of athlete’s foot. The most commonly experienced symptoms are redness, itching, stinging, and burning between the toes and on the soles of the feet, dry skin, flaking, cracking or raw skin on the feet, blisters on the feet that itch, discolored, thick, and crumbly toenails or that pull away from the nail bed. Sometimes there is even a foul odor. (3) You may experience one or more of these symptoms, to be sure of your condition, seek medical advice, especially if you have an underlying condition like diabetes or AIDS. Athlete's foot can also occur during pregnancy. There is no cause for concern since there are no detrimental effects to the fetus because the fungi only live on the dead tissue on the top layer of the skin. (4)


There are many options currently available. Consumers can choose over-the-counter topical ointments and creams, herbal solution and prescription medications. There are also home remedies such as herbal/tea foot soaks, lemon or hydrogen peroxide rinses. Most of these are generally safe, as long as they contain natural ingredients, but there are many creams and ointments that are chemical-based which may not be the best option, especially if you’re pregnant. We suggest first seeking medical advice.


Many consumers also report that these chemical-based treatments are not so effective because they only provide temporary relief from the symptoms but do not really get rid of the infections.

Fortunately, there are safe remedies that will effectively treat athlete's foot. The one we have selected to recommend is a natural solution that conforms to industry standards of purity and safety.

Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer, The Product We Recommend

We have reviewed many athlete's foot products but we have discovered that many do not actually work. After thorough research, we have found one that does eliminate athlete's foot and that we like to recommend. This product is called Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer. It contains Undecylenic Acid (USP 25% the highest concentration available) a powerful antifungal ingredient and other antiseptic and antibacterial herbal agents that are combined with essential oils in order to provide the ultimate dual-action formula that helps people get rid of the infection and get relief from uncomfortable symptoms. It is an external topical liquid that is easy to administer and comes equipped with a special applicator brush. Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer contains 100% natural ingredients, no artificial binders, fillers, or preservatives. It is third-party tested and abides with strict quality standards for purity, safety and quality. We also found it to be quite affordable. There is a range of purchase options available online that offer attractive discounts for bulk buying.


Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer comes with a superb money-back satisfaction guarantee for an entire year. This trial period is more than ample time to see if the product works for you, especially if you have recurring infections. Dissatisfied buyers can simply send back all purchased bottles (including opened ones) and receive a full refund, excluding any shipping and handling charges.

Eliminating athlete's foot shouldn’t be hard. All you need is the right product. We think that Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer is a good quality supplement that we are happy to recommend.

Click here to see our Research Verified review and information regarding this manufacturer.

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