Only one week left to go and any sort of procrastination needs to be let go of. It is time to be proactive and get everything for your little ones organized in preparation for the new forthcoming school year.

Things to Consider


You want backpacks for your children that will be comfortable on their backs and, if possible, also have the option of wheels and handles attached. Choosing the specific backpack can be a fun adventure for you and your children as there are so many different variations and colors to choose from. Test them on your children’s backs before buying and make sure there is enough space in it to fit in books, pencil cases as well as lunchboxes. If you have teenagers give them money and let them buy their own backpacks and don’t get involved otherwise it could be a nightmare! Remember to check your children’s backpacks at the end of each day and throw out anything that does not need to be there.



It is really important to have an array of snacks readily available to pop into their lunchboxes. Great snack ideas include:

  • Blocks of cheese
  • Carrot sticks
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Baby corn
  • Pretzels
  • Breadsticks
  • Dry fruit

Lunch should vary daily and should include your children’s favorites from pasta to sushi, smoked salmon on rolls with cream cheese, last night’s bolognese, meatballs or lasagna, chicken and broccoli to name but a few. It is best to make sure that their lunch can be eaten cold as not all teachers have the time to heat up all the children’s food. According to WebMD you should keep cold food cold by using an insulated lunch box. Include either freezer gel packs, fruit or small frozen juice packs when packing lunch. Place egg or meat sandwiches between cold items. Sandwiches must be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge just before packing.

Also, a good idea is to cut the food up into pieces. Teachers do not always have the time to do this and your child can miss out on important items of their lunch.

Children can also be very fussy so variety is key. You can discuss your child’s preferences with your children’s teachers at the end of the school day. Do not pack in candy, chocolates, and junk food. Normally, the teachers will take this and either throw it away or give it back to you at the end of the day, normally with an accompanying note. It is very important to let your children’s teachers know what they are allergic to as children love sharing and believe “sharing is caring”.



Water Bottles and Drinks

It is really important to buy water bottles that are easy for your children to carry. Equally important, is for the water bottles to open and close easily. There are a ton of water bottles that leak easily when on its side so please find one that stays shut. Sometimes teachers pack water bottles in their bags when taking children to the park to play and often, the water will spill through the bags.

Juices should be packed, if need be, in their own packaging and as sugar-free as possible. It is never a good idea to pack soft drinks for your children, the teachers will usually throw these away. Not only are they sugar-laden and bad for their health but also, they attract bees and the last thing you want is your little ones stung by bees.




It is really important to pack spare underwear, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops and socks in your children’s backpacks. Accidents happen, food spills occur, and it always helps to have items ready should this happen. An easy way of keeping track of this is by having big zip lock bags ready to pack in at the start of every week. Just remember to check your child’s backpack at the end of every day and remove what needs to be washed.

Odds and Ends

If your children are still very young make sure to pack in their security blankets that they will carry around during the day, especially when the new school year begins. This is the only thing that makes them feel safe and connected to home. They will also want to sleep with this. If your children still need a pacifier make sure to pack this as they often need this familiar object to calm down. Pack at least three packs of wet wipes with your children’s names on it for the teacher to put away and use when required.



Outbreaks of head lice are extremely common and spread fairly easily. What many parents don’t realize is that children can get head lice more than once. They are spread by physical contact, which is what makes younger children in school so susceptible.

If it weren’t bad enough that you can be affected more than once, it is even more troubling to think that it is difficult to prevent. The head lice epidemic can hit even the cleanest children in the classroom, at home or playground, simply by interaction with other children. In fact, in some of the most sanitary conditions, you will find head lice. Head louse will cause more irritation than anything else, but they can cause rashes from kids scratching their heads too much. There have even been cases where excessive scratching has led to infections. The best thing you can do is to immediately contact the school and the parents of your children’s friends to let them know. The next thing is to pull your children out of school until they are treated, you will prevent others in the classrooms from getting infected as well. In turn, this will eliminate the chances of your children getting it again when they finally get rid of their cases. To treat this problem, use a medicated shampoo, natural oils like rosemary or sage and comb out every day to eliminate eggs and surviving lice. By taking the proper precautions and implementing treatments you should be lice free. Lastly, remember to treat your own head too. Lice will probably migrate to you quite easily since your children are always near you. If you experience any hair loss or need a natural boost, you can take supplements to provide the necessary nutrients. 

Are You Ready To Get Organized?

The holidays are near an end, you have given your children all that you could of your time and energy and you may feel very drained. All you need right now is a manicure, pedicure and trip to the hair salon for a new trim or cut and nourishing mask. If you have noticed a lot of hair falling out during the holidays, according to Mayo Clinic, stress and hair loss can be related. There are fantastic dietary supplements out there by different companies. For instance, take a look at this review of one such manufacturer.

Look forward to the new school year! Your children will be a little bit older and wiser and hopefully, you will have accomplished all you hoped for!

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