There is no doubt that pregnancy, childbirth, and subsequent child-rearing are life changing events. While most moments are celebratory, there are certain things that new moms need to know in order to avoid or treat physical injuries that may come about as a result of raising a child.

Avoid Straining Your Wrists While Lifting And Holding Your Baby


A strained wrist is a common mother's complaint. In fact, there is actually a medical term for it, tenosynovitis. This is usually evidenced by a swollen wrist and thumb.

Solution: Minimize the pressure you place on your wrist by keeping your wrist and hand in an upright position whenever you cradle or support your baby's head. Never carry your baby using one hand and a baby carrier is highly recommended. You can also take a joint support supplement to alleviate some of the aches and pains. Be sure to research supplement manufacturers to find products make with natural ingredients.

Medical Solution: Be sure to seek medical help and do not be frivolous about any swelling of this sort. Your physician may recommend the use of a wrist brace to minimize the pressure. They may also suggest that you massage it or immerse your wrists first in lukewarm water, then in cold water. If it is severe, you may be injected with a dose of cortisone or you may have to undergo a minor surgery.

Avoid Lifting Or Carrying Your Baby In The Wrong Positions

Your back will issue a stern warning if you decide to lift or carry your baby in the wrong position. Here are a few things everyone handling a baby or a toddler needs to know:

Solution: Always lift from the knees and this should apply to both objects and babies. Always hold your baby closer to your navel than to your torso when you are standing up. Never shift while getting up but do so in a full, straight motion. Be extremely careful when putting your baby into a car and also when taking them out. It is best to secure the car seat then place the baby in. Always be sure to sit in front of the car seat when putting the baby in, instead of angling from the side. If you are unable to assume a sitting position, be sure to stoop while you strap the baby in, taking care to keep your back straight.

Medical Solution: Doctors will recommend that you take a break from lifting or carrying your baby for a couple days or weeks depending on the severity of your pain. They may also suggest a hot or cold compress or both, coupled with appropriate exercises.

Avoid Arching Your Back While You Nurse


Arching or slumping as you nurse will definitely increase spinal and neck tension.

Solution: Be sure to support your lower back and use a nursing cushion if you are breastfeeding. Also, be sure to raise your head and rotate your neck every now and then. Switch hands if you are using a bottle.

Medical Solution: Your medical doctor will more than likely suggest that you do specific exercises that target these areas. An effective exercise involves holding your hands behind your back, just a few inches above your buttocks, as you push forward your chest, expanding it as much as possible. A massage or a warm compress may also be recommended, but if it becomes severe then it will be treated medically.

Avoid Straddling Your Baby On Your Hips To Avoid New Mom Injuries

It is best to avoid this position when carrying your baby or toddler, but if you must, be sure to alternate sides regularly.

Solution: A baby carrier will solve this problem.

Medical Solution: Your doctor will usually suggest doing exercises and massaging the area. Warm compresses and baths will also be useful.

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