While motherhood can be difficult and time-consuming, you still can maintain a positive self-image if you opt to include these creative and innovative exercises into your daily routine. While some people are of the view that it is impossible to stay in shape after having a child, this is not entirely true as there are a few simple exercises that can be done to keep you fit. Interestingly, you do not have to send your baby off to daycare or place your baby in the care of someone else just to fit in time to exercise, but you can include your baby in your workout routine. What a great way to get in some exercise and have some bonding time with your baby? Here's are a few exercises:

Exercise 1:


A. Find a comfortable space on the floor to sit. Pull both knees up towards your chest (it is best to find some kind of support to keep your toes in place). Cradle your baby on your lap (the baby should face you while your thighs provide support for his head).

B. Do as many crunches as you can, taking care to lower your upper body until you feel a tautness in your abs. Remain that way while you count to ten. Then return to the original sitting position.

Exercise 2:

A. Assume a standing position, then lean back against a wall making sure your heels are not right up against the wall. Hold your baby with his back against you, facing outwards.

B. Lower your buttocks to the point where your knees become bent as if you are sitting down, keeping your back against the wall. Keep your knees from extending beyond your toes and remain this way as you count to ten. Now bring your body up in one full but straight movement and do this ten or more times.

Exercise 3:


Place your baby face up on the floor, then get on your hands and knees over your baby. Your baby's face should be in line with yours. Bend both arms at a 90-degree angle. Now push your toes back keeping your knees on the floor, as you flatten your back and pull your abs in. Remain this way as you lovingly interact with your child by singing a song, telling a story or by simply being silly.

Exercise 4:

A. Place your baby lying on his back and then stand with both feet splayed apart. Now hold your hips and slowly lean forward, taking care to hold your back straight.

B. Continue lowering your body, then play with your baby's feet for ten seconds. Then bend your knees as you systematically roll your upper body up. Do this five or more times.

Exercise 5:

A. Place your baby lying on his back on the floor. Kneel down and place your hands on either side of your baby. Flatten your back keeping in line with your head. Roll your upper body towards the ceiling and pull your abdominal muscles in, as you angle your head down and look into your baby's eyes. Remain in this position as you count to five.

B. Now tilt your head towards the sky, curving your back in the opposite direction, hold this position while you count to five and do this at least ten times.

The Mommy-and-Me Workout: Our Conclusion

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