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Head pounding, sharp pain behind your eyes, throbbing, blurred vision perhaps even nausea and vomiting (1). It’s that dreaded migraine that springs up on you when you are least expecting it. Whether you are at work, driving or playing with your children, the effects of a migraine are debilitating.

Some women may know exactly what can trigger migraines, while others will experience migraines at random times with no indication of an upcoming attack. By keeping a journal of what foods or what happened to you the day that you experience migraines can really help you pinpoint the triggers, prevent attacks and lessen the severity of this disabling and painful occurrence.

Here are a list of the most common migraine triggers:



-Bright Lights

-Lack of sleep

-Artificial food additives


-Too much caffeine

-Hormones (2)

Specifically for women, the drop in oestrogen just before they menstruate may contribute to migraines and headaches. Many women with migraines, report attacks and a worsening of symptoms just before or during their period.

If you are unsure of what triggers your migraines and you randomly get an attack it’s best to always be prepared. Some women will make sure to carry some extra strength aspirin to lessen the pain and help manage the symptoms. Popping a pain reliever every time you have a headache can have a negative effect on your body, and many people prefer to try a more natural product that can help your body realign and reduce the severity of a migraine attack.

Research Verified Migraine Relief capsules have developed a formula that is based on scientific research and clinical trials. All the ingredients have been recommended by doctors, they include:


Magnesium, Riboflavin, Feverfew, Butterbur, Niacin, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Wild Yam Root, White Willow Bark Extract (Salix Alba), Bromelain (3), Black Pepper (Piperine). Some of these natural ingredients contain anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities. These may help reduce the inflammatory response in the cerebral neurovascular system, which can help lessen the length and pain associated with migraines.


Another major differentiator of Research Verified Migraine relief is that their products are all monitored by 3rd party testing, for quality control and consumer protection. They also offer a 365 money back guarantee. This means if for some reason you are unsatisfied with their product you can return both opened and unopened bottles. They will refund your money, with no questions asked.

In conjunction with using a migraine relief capsule you can also try some of the methods outlined below.

Ice packs can help numb the area that you feel the acutest pain. Place an ice pack inside a thin towel and hold against your head for 5-10 minute intervals.

Migraines can not only cause severe headaches, but many women will experience neck and shoulder pain as well. You or your partner can gently massage your temples and other painful areas using their thumbs in a circular motion. Massage is also known to relieve muscle spasms, improve blood flow and promote relaxation.


Drink more water throughout the day. Migraines can be triggered by an excess of caffeinated beverages and not drinking enough water. This combination will cause dehydration and lead to severe and painful symptoms. Drinking enough water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and energized.

Ginger tea may also help to relieve symptoms of nausea that are associated with migraines. Ginger also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can help ease the pain and throbbing in your head.

As a busy woman, you may find it hard to keep your energy levels up while looking after your kids or at work. Exercise can be used to boost energy levels and according to Science Daily can also be a good preventative measure against migraines. (4)

It’s also good to note that when dealing with a migraine, it’s important to have a holistic view of how your body works. A combination of eating healthy, exercising and drinking enough water will all help rebalance your body and hopefully reduce your migraines. An aspirin may provide a quick fix, but you will only continue to experience migraine attacks throughout the month.


Research Verified Migraine Relief supplement is unique in that it provides a multi-action system for helping treat and prevent migraines. The 100% natural formula contains ingredients that have been tested and researched to prove their effectiveness for reducing the duration of migraines and also reducing the frequency and severity. Additionally, this migraine relief supplement may improve the overall hormonal balance and also strengthen the immune system.

Try out the tips outlined above for living healthier and reducing migraine symptoms naturally. Keep a tab of what time of the month you experience symptoms and perhaps what foods may trigger a really bad headache. You can also try out Research Verified Migraine Relief capsules completely risk-free for an entire year, as they have a solid return policy. Their capsules contain no other additives, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients. This company only uses the highest quality ingredients and will ensure that their consumers are fully satisfied with their products.

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