Urinary Tracts Infections

Many health experts rank the probability of a woman developing a urinary tract Infection as high as one in every five women. (1) It is very common for UTIs to reoccur. Woman are twice as likely to develop a UTI compared to men. This is mostly because of the location of the urethra and the fact that you have a shorter urethra.

What Causes UTIs?

Growing up, you probably remember your mom insisting "to wipe from front to back" every time you used the bathroom. The reason is that the urethra - a tube that transports urine from the bladder for excretion - is located near the anus. Gut bacteria, more particularly E. coli, can lodge in the anal region, and you may end up transferring this to the urethra. When they reach the bladder, they invade it causing infections. A lack of treatment can lead to kidney infections. Also, sex, more particularly unprotected sex, can introduce this bacteria into the urinary tract.

Symptoms of a UTI

  • Frequent and intense urge to urinate.
  • Burning sensation when urinating.
  • Painful or tender lower abdomen and back.
  • Strange smelling, cloudy, or black urine.
  • Exhaustion and lethargy.
  • Fever and chills may indicate that the infection is already in the kidneys.

Dealing with UTIs

Modern medicine has gone to great heights to alleviate the problem. As UTIs are caused by bacteria, antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat the infection. Sometimes an infection may not be severe enough to require antibiotics, and antibiotics do not stop the problem from recurring. Today, there are many natural supplements available on the market that take care of the symptoms of UTIs, treat the infection itself, and prevent future recurrences.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that not all UTI products are the same. The probability that you will land a fake and ineffective product is very high if you do not get the right manufacturer. To save you the trouble, we delved deep into natural remedies that alleviate UTIs. We found one product called Research Verified UTI Relief which appears to be an excellent product. Read our review below to understand why this product has garnered a haven of accolades.

Take 10 with Research Verified UTI Relief

1. Ingredients and How They Work

  • Cranberry (500 mg) - Cranberries provide potent antioxidants and Vitamin C that prevents the spread of E. coli, reducing the chances of developing a UTI. (2)
  • Lingonberry (500 mg) - In folk medicine, Lingonberry has been used as an antiseptic more especially for the urethra, and as a whole body tonic. (3)
  • D-Mannose (500 mg) - Inhibits bacteria from lodging in the urinary tract keeping UTIs away.
  • Berberine (Goldenseal/ Hydrastis Canadensis) (20 mg) - Offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancing properties. (4)
  • Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos Uva-Urso) (20 mg)

Other ingredients are magnesium stearate, gelatin, and calcium carbonate.

2. Dual-Action Formulation

Research Verified UTI Relief provides a double action formulation. It will not only soothe existing symptoms but will also stop a recurrence of UTIs. Buying such a remedy is treating you today, and eliminating future complications. This natural support product heals all affected areas: kidneys, bladder, and urethra.

3. Doctor Endorsed

Research Verified UTI Relief is doctor endorsed and recommended. Every ingredient is handpicked by a team of medical professionals and specialists who understand the importance of making a potent dietary supplement.

4. Dosage


Research Verified UTI Relief Urinary Tract Support is a dietary supplement. During an attack take two capsules in the morning, another two in the afternoon, and in the evening take two more. For continued use, reduce the dosage to one capsule in the morning and another in the evening. Take all capsules before meals and down them with a glass of water.

5. Price

Every bottle of RV UTI Relief contains 60 capsules, enough to last you a month. In fact, RV makes sure that all the supply options are available online on their website for you to choose from. The one-month package costs you only $48. However, if you want to enjoy multiple discounts, you should consider bulk buying. For example, the six-month supply will cost you $24 for every bottle you order. There is also a three-month supply constituting three bottles each at just $33. Research Verified will also not put you on any auto-ship programs so you know you will only be charged when you actually buy the product.

6. Mark of Premium Quality


Research Verified UTI Relief is made in the USA in an FDA-approved laboratory. The manufacturer conforms to the stringent rules and regulations stipulated in the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. These institutions confirm on quality and safety. Check out our full Research Verified review to discover more about this manufacturer and what product options they provide.

7. Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer cautions you against exceeding the dosage. For breastfeeding or pregnant women, children under the age of 18 years and people with an existing medical condition, should get a doctor's recommendation before embarking on this support formula.

8. Guarantee


You have a whole year to determine if this product delivers as per its claims. If you feel unsatisfied, the manufacturer asks you to return all bottles, opened and unopened back to them. You will receive a full refund minus the shipping fees incurred. If you took advantage of the bulk purchases, you should return all of them. A manufacturer's commitment is an indication that a particular maker knows that your health satisfaction is a priority. Research Verified is a risk-free investment.

9. Total Body Formulation

This product takes care of the whole body. Lingonberry also provides support for gastrointestinal tract disorders, kidney and urinary tract infections and fever too. Cranberries provide potent antioxidants and vitamin C that reduce blood cholesterol and prevent arterial plaque buildup.

10. Verified by Clinical Research


There is a lot of clinical data to back Research Verified UTI Relief. Every ingredient is handpicked based on existing scientific archives combined with recent discoveries. After production, the supplement undergoes clinical tests to determine its potency, safety, and quality. The clinical studies so far say that for such a formulation to be effective, it must have the essential elements. Preservatives, sweeteners, fillers, and binders only water down the dosage.

Our Summary of Our Research Verified UTI Relief Review

From this analysis, it is evident enough that Research Verified offers one of the best UTI relief formulations. As a woman and a mom, you do not have time to waste looking for a useful product. Research Verified UTI Relief is your ideal option. You can purchase your order online straight from the manufacturer's website. You can also access clinical data online too. There is a guarantee, and the pricing options are all on point.

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